Items contained in Box 1 Folder 2

1-2-1   MHAN's BA certificate.

1-2-2   Photocopy of Autograph note from H. J. Baker.

1-2-3   Photocopy of T.L.s. from E. Cunningham St John's College to the Master.

1-2-4   Photocopy of typed report on MHAN's Essay 'On the Foundations of Mathematics from the Standpoint of Physics' by E. Cunningham.

1-2-5   A.L.s. from E. T. Whittaker Edinburgh to Mr Ingham.

1-2-6   A.P.s. from W. J. Greenstreet Reading to MHAN.

1-2-7   A.L.s. from C. W. Previte-Orton (1877-1947) Lugano to MHAN.

1-2-8   A.L.s. from J. F. Blackman Cambridge to MHAN.

1-2-9   T.L.s. from W. E. Tisdale International Education Board Paris to MHAN.

1-2-10   T.L.s. from W. E. Tisdale International Education Board Paris to MHAN.

1-2-11   A.L.s. from W. E. Heitland Cambridge to MHAN.

1-2-12   Cambridge Philosophical Society Plan of Tables.

1-2-13   The Master's Tower.

1-2-14   St John's College Dinner to the Recipients of Honorary Degrees.

1-2-15   Typed note signed from Hugo Gatty to MHAN.

1-2-16   The Foundation of the Hospital of St John the Evangelist.

1-2-17   Charter and Bye Laws of the Cambridge Philosophical Society.

1-2-18   St John's College Rules for the Library.

1-2-19   St John's College Fellows' wine list.

1-2-20   St John's College Members of the Governing Body.

1-2-21   St John's College Committees: 1938-9.

1-2-22   Rules of the St John's College Junior Book Club.

1-2-23   St John's College Musical Society May Concert Programme.

1-2-24   A.L.s. from E. T. Whittaker Edinburgh to MHAN.

1-2-25   St John's College.

1-2-26   St John's College Committees: 1939-40.

1-2-27   St John's College Emergency Statue.

1-2-28   Notice of amendments made to St John's College Statutes XXXIII and XXXIV.

1-2-29   St John's College Leave of Absence on War Service Regulations.

1-2-30   Draft letter typed with annotations from MHAN to the Master St John's College.

1-2-31   Autograph draft of letter from MHAN.

1-2-32   Draft Supplementary Regulations.

1-2-33   Fellows' Amenities Committee Notice.

1-2-34   Closing of the College to the Public.

1-2-35   Copy of T.L. from MHAN to The Chief Postal Censor London.

1-2-36   T.L.s. from Donald Fraser The Chief Postal Censor London from MHAN.

1-2-37   St John's College Council Meetings 1940-41.

1-2-38   The Archimedeans Michaelmas Term 1940 Programme.

1-2-39   The Adams Society 1941 Programme.

1-2-40   Mr Orr's belongings in College.

1-2-41   Robin [Orr] to MHAN.

1-2-42   University of Cambridge Instructions to Candidates.

1-2-43   St John's College Accounts for the year ending 31 July 1941.

1-2-43a   Typescript note signed by H.F. Howard.

1-2-44   Lectures proposed by the Board of the Faculty of Mathematics 1941-1942.

1-2-45   New Pythagoreans 1941-2 Programme.

1-2-46   The Archimedeans Lent Term 1942 Programme.

1-2-47   T.L.s from S Loggeld? Chief Air Raid Warden and Fire Guard Officer Cambridge to Whom It May Concern.

1-2-48   East side of Second Court St John's College.

1-2-49   The Atomic Era: The Week of Destiny August 5 - 11 in the 45th year of the Atomic Era by Frederick Soddy.

1-2-50   Grace of St John's College.

1-2-51   T.L.s. from Professor P. N. S. Mansergh to MHAN.

1-2-52   T.L.s. from Professor P. N. S. Mansergh to MHAN.