Items contained in Box 2 Folder 2

2-2-1   A.L.s. from H.S.M. Coxeter Cambridge.

2-2-2   Ticket for Honorary Degrees and Recitation of Prize Exercises.

2-2-3   A.P.s. from Edith Finch Egypt.

2-2-4   A.L.s. from H. Lamb Cambridge.

2-2-5   A.L.s. from Edith Finch Paris.

2-2-6   A.L.s. from Edith Finch Chelsea.

2-2-7   A.L.s. from W. Flexner from Princeton.

2-2-8   Photocopy of A.L.s. from MHAN to Harold [Jeffreys].

2-2-9   A.P.s. from H. Hopf K. Menger and others from Geneva.

2-2-10   A.L.s. in Russian from Fuchner?.

2-2-11   A.P.s. from Poul Heegaard.

2-2-12   T.L.s. from A Weil, Munksn?s, Finland.

2-2-13   A.P.s. from Harald Howitz Copenhagen.

2-2-14   Cambridge University compliment slip