Items contained in Box 2 Folder 3

2-3-1   Autograph note from Frank Smithies.

2-3-2   T.L.s. From A. Weil London.

2-3-3   A.L.s. from A.H. Stone Princeton.

2-3-4   T.L.s. from John Kronsbein Hillingdon.

2-3-5   A.L.s. from Richard Braithwaite Cambridge.

2-3-6   A.L.s. from Jacob Bronowski Hull.

2-3-7   A.L.s. from Jacob Bronowski Hull.

2-3-8   A.L.s. from Jacob Bronowski Kingston Blount Oxon.

2-3-9   A.L.s. from S. M. De Backer Braemar.

2-3-10   T.L.s. from Alex? Wood Emmanuel College Cambridge.

2-3-11   T.L.s. from John von Neumann from Princeton.

2-3-12   A.L.s. from David van Dantzig Amsterdam.

2-3-13   Poster for University of London lectures in Mathematics given by MHAN.

2-3-14   Copy of T.L. from MHAN University of Manchester to Dr W Br?del.

2-3-15   Copy of T.L. to Professor Dr E. Kamke Mathematisches Institut der Universit?t T?bingen.

2-3-16   Copy of T.Ls. to Professor Mazur.

2-3-17   T.L.s. from Haskell B. Curry Pennsylvania State College.

2-3-18   A.L.s. from Peter Hilton.

2-3-19   A.L.s from Peter Hilton Manchester.

2-3-20   T.L.s. in German from H. Hopf from Zurich.

2-3-21   A.L.s. from ?.

2-3-22   T.L.s. from A. E. Leyting? from Laren.