Items contained in Box 4 Folder 1

4-1-1   Certificate from Diocese of Rochester.

4-1-2   Teachers Certificate.

4-1-3   Testimonials.

4-1-4   Notification of teachers registration number.

4-1-5   School report for Dulwich Goodrich Road School.

4-1-6   School report for Dulwich Goodrich Road School.

4-1-7   Certificate of naturalisation for Sarah Neumann.

4-1-8   Declaration of name change.

4-1-9   Receipt.

4-1-10   Copy Will of SN.

4-1-11   Executor Capital and Distribution Account for SN.

4-1-12   Letters from Slater Heelis & Co to MHAN.

4-1-13   Notices concerning grave space.

4-1-14   Probate Copy of the Will of SN.

4-1-15   Barclays Bank.

4-1-16   Letter regarding Income Tax.

4-1-17   Receipt.

4-1-18   Notes in MHAN's hand regarding investments.

4-1-19   T.L.s. from J. W. Jessop The Clearing Office (enemy Debts) London to SN.