Items contained in Box 4 Folder 11

4-11-1   Information regarding Association of University Teachers Concessions.

4-11-2   T.L.s. from H. D. Collins Herne Bay.

4-11-3   Symmetry in art.

4-11-4   Copy of typed letter from MHAN to Mr Downie.

4-11-5   Cambridge University Library Borrowing slips.

4-11-6   Copy of autograph letter from MHAN to Mr Marshall.

4-11-7   A.L.s. from B. G. Marshall.

4-11-8   Receipt.

4-11-9   List of Names of Academics.

4-11-10   TLS from J.A. Boreham The Royal Society to MHAN.

4-11-11   Royalty statements for 'Elements of the topology of plane sets of points' sent from Cambridge University Press to MHAN.

4-11-12   Reviews of Harold Wright (ed.) 'University Studies: Cambridge 1933' (London, 1933) cut from various newspapers and journals.