Items contained in Box 4 Folder 6

4-6-1   'A Friend Writes'.

4-6-2   A.L.s. from Elsa Aldeburgh.

4-6-3   A.L.s. from MHAN to Elsa.

4-6-4   T.L.s. from Elenora Steel Teignmouth.

4-6-5   A.L.s. from 'Walter' Brighton.

4-6-6   A.L.s. from Hilary van de Watering.

4-6-7   A.L.s. from Gwen A. Spair? Lewes.

4-6-8   A.L.s. from Pauline Guillebaud Cambridge.

4-6-9   Letters of condolence.

4-6-10   Cards of condolence.