Ph.D. Opportunity: Software for Europe Project

'ALGOL compilers: university-industry co-entrepreneurship'

The research is part of the ESF supported program Inventing Europe.

Software for Europe consists of 11 teams in various countries. It investigates how software was developed and used in European context, and how this contributed to the shaping of Europe. Main strands in the project are the role of IBM in Europe and the typical European academic tradition
of software production. This PhD research has an emphasis on the history of the latter. the apporach is historical with an open eye for coldwar history and European history.

The successful candidate should have a masters degree in history or science studies and
an interest in the history of computing, or a masters degree in computer science with proof of expertise in history.


Further details


Contact: Prof. Gerard Alberts

Program in the History of Computing
Informatics Institute
University of Amsterdam
Kruislaan 403
1098 SJ Amsterdam, the Netherlands