History of Computing - Coursework


Worth 75% of the overall marks for the unit

The work will be collected by office staff in Lion Gate Office.

Write an essay of  about 3000 words on one of the topics suggested in the lecture notes for Week 1. These titles are just suggestions - if there is a topic that is not listed here which you would like to write about, please discuss it with us. We strongly encourage you to write an essay on a topic that reflects your own interests and background.For each essay title we have suggested one or two sources that should be a useful starting point. We expect you to use the library to find at least a couple of other sources. Essays will be assessed not only their analytical merit, but also on the quality and range of sources. If you have problems locating a source, please ask us - we can usually help.

Warning:  There will be significant competition for library monographs. Please do not hog resources by taking out more than one book at a time unless there is a good reason. Do not repeat work  that you have submitted previously or work you intend to submit as a project.

Detailed advice on completing your coursework may be obtained via the following links: