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Software Art

In addition to the resources above, you can use the following reading material for the Software Art symposium:

Online recourses

Presentation Slides

  1. Ann Gow: HATII Welcome to the POCOS Symposium [pdf]
  2. Mark O'Neill: Regenerating Glasgow through Cultural and Creative Industries [pdf]
  3. Richard Rinehart: Artworks as Variability Machines [pdf]
  4. boredomresearch: Best Before... [pdf]
  5. Michael Takeo Magruder: Between Code and Space [pdf]
  6. Perla Innocenti: Bridging the gap: nterdisciplinary reflections and potential collaborations for preserving computer-based artworks
  7. Michael Fourman: Keeping Everything Digital [pdf]
  8. Simon Biggs: Make or Break [pdf]

Reports from Breakout Sessions